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Upcoming Exhibitions

Of Land and Sea

opening Thursday 31 August, 6-8pm

31 August –  30 September 2017


Eucalyptus camaldulensis_6






Chris Langlois Points in Time

Exhibition Catalogue

Written by Katherine Roberts and Simon Gregg

$25.00 including postage


TO INFINITY AND BEYONDAn approach to the work of Chris LangloisThroughout his career as an artist, Chris Langlois has had a steadily evolving relationship with his subject matter. His subject might broadly be described as ‘landscape’, but in truth this might be too specific; too literal. The subject in his paintings has at times been quite apparent, as either the ocean or vast tracts of land, surveyed from above. But at other times the subject seems to be obscurity itself – a strange, misty void in which substance dissolves into pure atmosphere.