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Available online:

Steve Meacham, Chris Langlois Points in Time, Art Almanac, September 2013

Allens Arthus Robinson: About Us: Art Collection: Chris Langlois 2011, www.aar.com.au/art/christopherlanglois.htm

Victoria Hynes, Chris Langlois and the Australian sublime, Australian Art Review, Nov 2009- Jan 2010

Brett Ballard, Interview with Brett Ballard, Moree Plains/ Rex Irwin Gallery catalogue essay, 2007

Katrina Rumley, Chris Langlois, Moree Plains / Rex Irwin Gallery catalogue essay, 2006

Alex McDonald, Waterworld, State of the Arts, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery catalogue, 2005

Robert Nelson, Photography and Painting in Cahoots, The Age, 25.01.03, www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/01/24/1042911545773.html

Rosemary Hawker, Everything & Nothing, Land Sea Sky exhibition catalogue, Metro Arts, November 2001

John Murphy, Fading to Nought, Fading to Nought exhibition catalogue, Martin Browne Fine Art/ SEL, August 2001

Jill Stowell, Melancholy exhibition catalogue, Legge Gallery, August 2000




New Romantics Darkness and Light in Australian Art

written by Simon Gregg

Australian Scholarly Publishing | ISBN 9781921509919




Chris Langlois Points in Time

written by Katherine Roberts & Simon Gregg

Manly Art Gallery and Museum and Gippsland Art Gallery | ISBN 9780987389619



Complete list of Published papers and Essays:

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