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Past Exhibitions


Eucalyptus Camaldulensis 5 122x137cm 2017

Of Land and Sea
Gould Galleries, Melbourne 2017



Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney 2016


Glasshouse Port Macquarie Regional Gallery

Port Macquarie Regional Gallery, 2015-16


Weather System (Tasman Sea) no.20 Oil on linen, 137 x 1222015

On the Nature of Light and Air
Gould Galleries, Melbourne 2015



Weather Systems
Olsen Irwin, Sydney 2014


Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.3 2013 122x153cm oil on linen

Close Space
Gould Galleries Melbourne 2013



Heiser Gallery Brisbane


Waterfield no.5 137x168cm oil on linen

Waterfield 2012


Darkwood no14

Another Place 2011


Heiser Galleries 2011

Darkwood 2011


Quietude 2010


Michael Reid Gallery 2009


Heiser Gallery 2009


Sophie Gannon Gallery 2008


Rex Irwin 2008


Moree Plains Art Gallery 2007


Winter Weather 2006


Landscape Variations 2005


Vanishing Point 2004


Half Light 2003


Imperfect Isolation 2002


Fading to Nought 2001